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Graphic Novels

Woodcut Graphic Novels

  • 25 Images of a Man's Passion (1918)
    Alternate Title: The Passion of a Man
    French Title: 25 Images de la Passion d'un Homme
    German Title: Die Passion Eines Menschen
  • Passionate Journey (1919)
    Alternate Title: My Book of Hours
    French Title: Mon Livre d'Heures
    German Title: Mein Stundenbuch
  • The Sun (1919)
    French Title: Le Soleil
    German Title: Die Sonne
  • Political Drawings (1920)
    French Title: Dessins Politiques
    German Title: Politische Zeichnungen
  • Story Without Words (1920)
    French Title: Histoire Sans Paroles
    German Title: Geschichte ohne Worte
  • The Idea (1920)
    French Title: L'Idée
    German Title: Die Idee
  • The Eternal Jew (1921)
    German Title: Der Ewige Jude
  • The City (1925)
    French Title: La Ville
    German Title: Die Stadt
  • The Industrial Baron (1925)
    German Title: Die Industriebaron
  • Figures and Grimaces (1926)
    French Title: Figures et Grimaces
    German Title: Gesichter und Fratzen
  • The Work (1928)
    French Title: L’œuvre
    German Title: Das Werk
  • Youth (1928)
    French Title: Jeunesse
  • L'Œuvre (1928)
  • Landscapes and Voices (1929)
    German Title: Landschaften und Stimmungen
  • Mermaid (1932)
    French Title: La Sirène
  • From Black to White (1939)
    French Title: Du Noir au Blanc
    German Title: Von Schwarz zu Weiss
  • Dance of Death (1940)
    French Title: Danse Macabre
  • June '40 (1942)
    French Title: Juin 40
  • Destinies 1939-1940-1941-1942 (1943)
    French Title: Destins 1939-1940-1941-1942
  • Bourbaki Panorama (1944)
  • Earth under the sign of Saturn (1944)
    French Title: La Terre sous le signe de Saturne
  • Remember! (1946)
  • Angel (1945)
    German Title: Engel
  • Apparitions (1947)
    Alternate Title: Phenomena
    German Title: Erscheinungen
  • Ages of life (1948)
    French Title: Les Âges de la Vie
  • Ecce Homo (1949)
  • Key to Dreams (1950)
    French Title: Clef des songes
  • Our Times (1952)
    French Title: Notre Temps
  • The apocalypse of our time (1953)
    German Title: Die Apokalypse unserer Zeit
  • Why? (1954)
    French Title: Pour quoi?
  • My book of images (1956)
    French Title: Mon livre d'images
  • My country (1956)
    French Title: Mon Pais
  • Night Adventure (1958)
    French Title: Aventure nocturne
  • Night and his Daughters (1959)
    French Title: La Nuit et ses Filles
  • China Memories (1961)
    German Title: Erinnerungen an China
  • Stations (1961)
    French Title: É'talges
  • From Decay to Triumph (1961)
    German Title: Vom Verfall zum Triumph
  • Poets (1963)
    French Title: Poètes
  • The face of Hamburg (1964)
    French Title: Le visage de Hambourg
    German Title: Das Gesicht Hamburgs
  • The road of men (1964)
    French Title: Route des hommes
    German Title: Der weg der menschen
  • Couples (1965)
  • My home (1965)
    German Title: Meine Heimat
  • Antwerp (1968)
    German Title: Antwerpen
  • Hands (1968)
    German Title: Mains
  • Vice and passion (1968)
    German Title: Laster und Leidenschaft
  • I love black and white (1970)
    German Title: Ik houd van zwart en wit
  • Pictures against the war (1981)
    German Title: Bilder gegen den Krieg
  • Woodcuts against the war (1989)
    German Title: Holzschnitte gegen den Krieg

Brush and Ink Graphic Novels

  • Grotesque Film (1921)
    German Title: Groteskfilm
  • Pictures of the Big City (1926)
    French Title: Images de la grande ville
    German Title: Bilder der Grossstadt
  • Capital (1935)
    French Title: Capitale
  • Wrath (1944)
    French Title: La Colère


  • Pray, by Pierre Jean Jouve (1924)
    French Title: Prière
  • Several Misunderstandings, by Géo Norge (1926)
    French Title: Plusieurs Malentendus
  • Cries under the grindstone, followed by flowers of war, by Manuel Devaldes (1927)
    German Title: Des cris sous la meule. suivi de Fleurs de guerre
  • Georges Duhamel: Man and Work, by Achille Ouy (1927)
    German Title: Georges Duhamel. L'Homme et l'Oeuvre
  • Manifesto to Intellectuals, by Henry Barbusse (1927)
    French Title: Manifeste aux intellectuels
  • The Falconer, by P. Marcel Seheur (1927)
    French Title: Le Fauconnier
  • Memories of Emile Verhaeren, by Stefan Zweig (1927)
    German Title: Erinnerungen an Emile Verhaeren
  • The Cross Section, 8th Year (1928)
    German Title: Der Querschnitt. VIII. / 8. Jahrgang, Heft 4, April 1928. Mit einem Titelbild von Frans Masereel, zahlreichen Fotos sowie Illustrationen, u. a. von Rudolf Großmann und Paul Klee.
  • The Cross Section, 9th Year (1929)
    German Title: Der Querschnitt. Herausgeber: Hermann von Wedderkop. Jahrgang IX. Heft 2.
  • China's natural order and the machine. Techniques, by Maximilian Esterer (1929)
    German Title: Chinas natürliche Ordnung und die Maschine. Wege der Technik
  • Cyriel Buyssche, a study, by Achilles Mussche (1929)
    German Title: Cyriel Buyssche, een studie
  • The Question of Peace, by Garmt Stuiveling (1929)
    German Title: Het Vraagstuk van de Vrede
  • Naturalism in La Plata, by W.H. Hudson (1930)
    French Title: Le naturalisme à La Plata
  • The Crime of Father Amaro, by Jose Maria Eça de Queiroz (1930)
    German Title: Das Verbrechen des Paters Amaro
  • Comrades! Verses, by Brusse Rotterdam (1930)
    German Title: Kameraden ! verzen
  • The watchman. German monthly magazines. 33rd (7th) (1931)
    German Title: Der Türmer. Deutsche Monatshefte
  • Brains Behind Barbed Wire! A Collective Report by the Association of Proletarian Revolutionary Writers of Germany, Universum-Buecherei, Basel (1934)
  • The Herald, by Romain Rolland (1935)
    German Title: Die Verkünderin
  • The Birth, by Romain Rolland (1936)
    German Title: Die Geburt
  • Sacred Way, by Romain Rolland (1936)
    Italian Title: Via Sacra
  • The Animals at Home, by Andrée Martignon (1938)
    French Title: Les bêtes chez elles. Collection : Les livres de nature
  • Aquatic curiosities, by J. Sageret (1938)
    French Title: Curiosités aquatiques
  • The Rights of Intelligence, by Jacques Duclos and Louis Aragon (1938)
    French Title: Les Droits de l'Intelligence
  • The Verona Press Rhyme Sheets. Nos. 1-6, by Verona Press (1938)
  • The Restless Life of Still Waters, by Georges Barbarin (1946)
    French Title: La Vie agitee des eaux dormantes
  • The Phoenix, by Lothar Blanvalet (1946)
    German Title: Der Phönix
  • The Journey, by Romain Rolland (1946)
    French Title: Le périple
  • Tarka the otter; his happy life in water and his death in the Land of Two Rivers, by Henry Williamson (1947)
    French Title: Tarka la loutre; sa joyeuse vie dans l'eau et sa mort au Pays des Deux-Rivières
  • In the Jungle of Guyana, by William Beebe (1947)
    Dans la jungle de Guyane
  • Trader Horn. The Côte d 'Ivoire in heroic times, by Aloysius Horn (1947)
    French Title: Trader Horn. La Côte d' Ivoire aux temps héroïques
  • The Short Street, by Thyde Monnier (1947)
    German Title: Die kurze Strasse


  • The Days of the Curse, by Marcel Martinet (1914-1916)
    German Title: Die Tage des Fluches
  • Hôtel-Dieu, Hospital Stories, by Pierre Jean Jouve (1915)
    French Title: Hôtel-Dieu, Récits d'Hôpital
  • Fifteen Poems, by Émile Verhaeren (1917)
    French Title: Quinze Poemes
  • Pierre and Luce, by Romain Rolland (1918)
    Alternate Title: Peter and Luce
    German Title: Pierre und Luce
  • Calamus: Poems, by Walt Whitman (1919)
    French Title: Calamus: Poèmes
  • The Mother, by Leonhard Frank (1919)
    German Title: Die Mutter
  • Hours, by Pierre Jean Jouve (1919)
    French Title: Heures
  • Bübü of Montparnasse, by Charles-Louis Philippe (1920)
    German Title: Bübü vom Montparnasse
  • The Common, by René Arcos (1920)
    German Title: Das Gemeinsame
  • The Poets Against War, by Romain Rolland, Georges Duhamel, Charles Vildrac and Pierre Jean Jouve (1920)
    French Title: Les Poètes contre la Guerre
  • The Strange Worker and Other Stories, by Émile Verhaeren (1921)
    French Title: Le Travailleur étrange et autres récits
  • Peter and Lutz: A Narrative, by Romain Rolland (1921)
    German Title: Peter und Lutz: Eine Erzählung
  • The Revolt of Machines or the Mind Unbound, by Romain Rolland (1921)
    French Title: La révolte des machines, ou la Pensée Déchainée Dutch Title: De opstand der machines, of Het losgebroken intellect
  • Some Corners of the Heart, by Henri Barbusse (1921)
    French Title: Quelque Coins du Couer
  • The good Madeleine and the poor Marie, by Charles-Louis Philippe (1922)
    German Title: Die gute Madeleine und die arme Marie
  • Fairfax, by Carl Sternheim (1922)
  • Swan of Rabindranath Tagore, by Kâlidâs Nâg and Pierre Jean Jouve (1923)
    French Title: Cygne de Rabindranath Tagore
  • Five Tales, by Émile Verhaeren (1924)
    German Title: Fünf Erzählungen
  • Liluli, by Romain Rolland (1924)
  • Jean-Christophe, by Romain Rolland (1925)
    German Title: Johann Christof
  • Thyl Ulenspiegel, by Charles de Coster (1926)
  • For the ordination. The path to community, by Anna Siemsen (1926)
    German Title: Zur Jugendweihe. Der Weg zur Gemeinschaft
  • Leipzig's Work on the Book, by Selbstverlag, Leipzig (1927)
    German Title: Leipzigs Wirken am Buch
  • Sowing and harvesting. Proletarian novellas, stories, essays and poems, by Arthur Wolf (1927)
    German Title: Saat und Ernte. Proletarische Novellen, Erzählungen, Aufsätze und Gedichte.
  • The Fool's Guide to Paris and London, by Arthur Holitscher (1927)
    German Title: Der Narrenführer durch Paris und London
  • Arc Lamps, by Paul Morand (1927)
    French Title: Lampes A Arc
  • Discovery of Longview, by Luc Durtain (1927)
    French Title: Découverte de Longview
  • Combatant: A Book for Proletarian Youth, by the Executive Committee of the Communist Youth International (1928)
    German Title: Kampfgenoss: Ein Buch für die proletarische Jugend
  • Kerstwake, by Stijn Streuvels (1928)
  • Swans, by Emmanuel De Bom (1928)
    French Title: Swane
  • The Horla and other tales, by Guy de Maupassant (1928)
    French Title: Le Horla et autres contes
  • Christmas Vigil, by Stijn Streuvels (1928)
    German Title: Kerstwake
  • The Boy and His Majesty, by Pierre Humburg (1928)
    French Title: Le boy de sa majesté
  • Sir Halewijn, by Charles de Coster (1928)
    French Title: Sire Halewijn
  • The Force. Fantastic night, by Stefan Zweig (1929)
    German Title: Der Zwang. Phantastische Nacht
  • In the Stream of Time: Poems, by Ernst Preczang (1929)
    German Title: Im Strom der Zeit: Gedichte
  • Tiennette's leg and other stories, by Charles-Louis Philippe (1929)
    German Title: Das Bein der Tiennette und andere Erzählungen
  • The Proletarian Fate: A Cross-Section of the Contemporary Worker Poetry, by Hans Mühle (1929)
    Das proletarische Schicksal: Ein Querschnitt durch die Arbeiterdichtung der Gegenwart
  • In the Flow of Time: Poems, by Ernst Preczang (1929)
    German Title: Im Strom der Zeit: Gedichte
  • 2nd International Socialist Youth Meeting in Vienna from July 12 to 14, 1929. Commemorative publication, by Sozialistische Jugend Internationale (1929)
    German Title: 2. Internationales Sozialistisches Jugendtreffen in Wien vom 12. bis 14. Juli 1929. Festschrift.
  • Soldier Suhren: The first German war novel, by Georg von der Vring (1929)
    German Title: Soldat Suhren: Der erste deutsche Kriegs-Roman
  • Official Bodini: The workbook of a hand press in the first six years of its work (1929)
    German Title: Die Officina Bodoni. Das Werkbuch einer Handpresse in den ersten sechs Jahren ihres Wirkens
  • Médard de Paris, by René Arcos (1929)
    German Title: Medardus (1930)
  • The Baedeker of Fools, by Arthur Holitscher (1930)
    Spanish Title: El Baedeker De Los Locos
  • The Way is Cleared for Jugendweihe, by Valtin Hartwig (1930)
    German Title: Der Weg wird frei zur Jugendweihe
  • Notre-Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo (1930)
  • The Will, by Francois Villon (1930)
    French Title: Le Testament
  • Yesterday Crime. Today?, by Hein Van Wijk (1932)
    Dutch Title: Gisteren Nog Misdaad. Heden?
  • Koka. And other Sailor stories, by Theodor Plivier (1934)
    Dutch Title: Koka. En andere Zeemansverhalen. Handtekening van Frans Masereel
    German Title: Zwölf Mann und ein Kapitän
  • Dimitroff versus Goering: Revelations about the true arsonists, by Braunbuch II (1934)
    German Title: Dimitroff contra Göring: Enthüllungen über die wahren Brandstifter
  • A man of 40 years: Diary, by Jean Guehenno (1936)
    German Title: Ein Mann Von 40 Jahren. Tagebuch.
  • The Man Without a Body, by Herman Teirlinck (1937)
    German Title: De man zonder lijf
  • Good Friday, by Romain Rolland (1937)
    German Title: Goede Vrijdag
  • Magpie on the Gallows, by Herman Teirlinck (1937)
    Dutch: ekster op de galg
  • The Man Without Body, by Herman Teirlinck (1937)
    Dutch: De Man Zonder Lijf
  • The Legend of the d'Ullenspiegel, by Charles de Coster (1937)
    Luxembourgish Title: La Légende d'Ullenspiegel
  • Art as a time image, by A. Hahn Jr. (1938)
    Dutch Title: Kunst als tijdsbeeld
  • Ave, by Herman Teirlink (1938)
  • Someone - a choral work. With the woodcuts "The Passion of a Man" by Frans Masereel, by Hans Sahl (1938)
    German Title: Jemand - ein Chorwerk. Mit den Holzschnitten "Die Passion eines Menschen" von Frans Masereel
  • Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare (1939)
  • Ode to the Dead France, by Louis Piérard (1940)
    French Title: Ode a la France Meurtrie
  • Judgment, by Agrippa d'Aubigné (1941)
    French Title: Jugement
  • The Legend of Tyl Ulenspiegl, by Charles de Coster (1943)
    Alternate Title: The Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegl
    French Title: La légende d’Ulenspiegel
  • Insights on Belgium, by Louis Pierard (1945)
    French Title: Regards sur la Belgique
  • Gustav Hänfling: The Silesian Porcelain Painter and His Memories, by H.E. Kromer (1947)
    German Title: Gustav Hänfling: Der schlesische Porzellanmaler und seine Denkwürdigkeiten
  • Germinal Roman, by Emile Zola (1947)
  • The Night, by Rudolf Hagelstange (1955)
    German Title: Die Nacht
  • Vater Perdrix, by Charles-Louis Philippe (1960)
  • You're Loved Forever. Poems, by Johannes R. Becher (1960)
    German Title: Du bist für alle Zeit geliebt. Gedichte
  • From Decline to Triumph, by Johannes R. Becher (1961)
    German Title: Vom Verfall zum Triumph
  • Moriae Encomium: Or The Praise Of Folly, by Desiderius Erasmus (1965)
  • Crazy Tuesday, by Theun de Vries (1967)
    Dutch Title: Dolle Dinsdag
  • The Flowers of Evil, by Charles Baudelaire (1977)
    French Title: Fleurs du mal
  • The Ballad of Reading Gaol, by Oscar Wilde (1978)
  • The Refugees, by Louis Piérard (1942)
    French Title: Les Réfugiés
  • The Street of the Fishing Cat, by J. Földes (1947)
    German Title: De straat van de vissende kat
  • The Rue du Chat-qui-Peche, by Jolan Földes (1947)
    French Title: La Rue du Chat-qui-Peche


  • The Idea (1932)
    French Title: L'Idée

Works Published in Journals

  • Demain (1916)
  • Les Tablettes (1916-1919)
  • La Feuille (1917-1920)
  • Year 7., Jahrgang, Heft 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, (1926)
  • Volk und Kunst. Jahrgang 1927 / 1928, Heft 6. Blätter der Dresdener Volksbühne e. V. (1928, issue 6)
  • Kunstblatt, Das: 12. Jahrgang, Juli. Herausgeber Paul Westheim

Art Collections

Solo Collections

  • Arise Ye Dead: The Infernal Resurrection (1917)
    French Title: Debout les Morts: Résurrection infernale
  • The Dead Speak (1917)
    French Title: Les Morts Parlent
  • Frans Masereel. The collected work. Exhibition catalog with a list of the woodcut sequences and illustrated books for the exhibition in the Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, by Mannheim Gremm (1929)
    German Title: Frans Masereel. Das gesammelte Werk. Ausstellungskatalog mit einem Verzeichnis der Holzschnittfolgen und illustrierten Bücher zur Ausstellung in der Städtischen Kunsthalle Mannheim.
  • Exhibition of Works by Frans Masereel (1930)
    Dutch Title: Tentoonstelling van werken door Frans Masereel.
  • The Work of Frans Masereel (1930)
    Dutch Title: Het werk van Frans Masereel
  • The work of Frans Masereel. Containing one color reproduction and 60 reproductions in white and black (1930)
    Dutch Title: Het werk van Frans Masereel. Bevattende één kleur-reproductie en 60 reproducties in wit en zwart
  • Frans Masereel. Exhibition. Paintings, watercolors, drawings, woodcuts and illustrated books. From October 5 to 23, 1930 in the large skylight room. (1930)
    German Title: Frans Masereel. Ausstellung. Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Holzschnitte und illustrierte Bücher. Vom 5. bis 23. Oktober 1930 im großen Oberlichtsaal.
  • Frans Masereel. September - October 1931. Exhibition catalog, Leipziger Kunstverein (ed.) (1931)
    German Title: Frans Masereel. September - Oktober 1931. Ausstellungs-Katalog
  • Frans Masereel, With 115 reproductions, by Luc Durtain (1931)
    French Title: FRANS MASEREEL. Par Luc Durtain. Avec 115 reproductions

Mixed Collections

  • 1925: An Almanac for Art and Poetry, published by Kurt Wolff Verlag (1925)
    German Title: 1925: Ein Almanach für Kunst und Dichtung
  • Individuality. 1st year book 4. 1926. Quarterly publication for philosophy & art, edited by Willy Storrer and Hans Reinhart (1926)
    German Title: Individualität. 1. Jg. Buch 4. 1926. Vierteljahresschrift für Philosophie & Kunst. Hrsg. von Willy Storrer und Hans Reinhart.
  • 1927: An Almanac for Art and Poetry, published by Kurt Wolff Verlag (1927)
    German Title: 1927. Ein Almanach für Kunst und Dichtung
  • An almanac by the Carl Reissner publishing house on its 50th anniversary on October 1, 1928, by Alfred Kubin (1927)
    German Title: Ein Almanach des Verlages Carl Reissner zu seinem 50jährigen Bestehen am 1. Oktober 1928.
  • Woodcut: A Characteristics of the History and Technique of Woodcuts, by Märt Laarman (1927)
    Estonian Title: Puulõige : Jooni puulõike ajaloost ja tehnikast
  • Indignation and design: Artist profiles from Daumier to Kollwitz, by Erich Knauf (1928)
    German Title: Empörung und Gestaltung: Künstlerprofile von Daumier bis Kollwitz
  • Fornication! Fornication! Mr. Prosecutor! On the natural history of German shame, by Max Hodann (1928)
    German Title: Unzucht! Unzucht! Herr Staatsanwalt! Zur Naturgeschichte des deutschen Schamgefühls
  • Catalog of the State Museum of New Western Art, by the Communist Party of Russia (1928)
    Russian Title: Katalog Gosudarstvennogo Muzeya Novogo Zapadnogo Iskusstva
  • Almanac of the Working People, by Berlin Neuer Deutscher Verlag (1928)
    German Title: Almanach der Werktätigen
  • Les contes - Illustrated with 33 engravings by Laboureur, Possoz, Laurencin, Alexieff, Dignimont, by Charles Perrault (1928)
    French Title: Les contes - Illustré de 33 gravures par Laboureur, Possoz, Laurencin, Alexieff, Dignimont
  • Techniques. 5 vols., by J. G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger (1929)
    German Title: Wege der Technik. 5 Bde. Hartmann, Siegfried / Diesel, Eugen / Lilienthal, Anna u. Gustav / Lufft, Hermann / Esterer, Maximilian
  • Picture Lexicon Literature And Art Volume 2, Verlag Für Kulturforschung, Vienna (1929)
    German Title: Bilder-Lexikon Literatur Und Kunst Band 2
  • The graphic arts. Vintage 1930 LIII. Vintage, issue 2/3, by Gesellschaft für vervielfältigende Kunst (1930)
    German Title: Die graphischen Künste. Jahrgang 1930 LIII. Jahrgang, Heft 2/3
  • Island Ship - 11th Year, by Leipzig insel (1930)
    German Title: Inselschiff, Das. Elfter Jahrgang 1930
  • Literary almanac for Flanders 1930, by Het Kompas - De Spieghel (1930)
    Dutch Title: Letterkundige almanak voor Vlaanderen 1930
  • Radical spirit (cross-sections through radical literature), by Kurt Zube (1930)
    German Title: Radikaler Geist (Querschnitte durch radikale Literatur)
  • Art of the Time, First Year, b JJ Ottens (1930)
    German Title: Kunst der Zeit. Zeitschrift der Künstler-Selbsthilfe. Ausgabe B. Heft Nr. 1 - 12, 1. Jahrgang, Oktober 1929 - September 1930.
  • Art and artists, XXIX. Volume, January 1931 Issue VI, by Karl Scheffler (1930)
    German Title: Kunst und Künstler , XXIX. Jahrgang, Januar 1931 Heft VI
  • Europe monthly review, tome twenty-eighth (Number 97), January 15, 1931 (1931)
    French Title: Europe revue mensuelle, tome vingt-huitieme (Numero 97), 15 Janvier 1931.
  • Housebook for Freethinkers, by the Berlin Der Freidenker (1931)
    German Title: Hausbuch Für Freidenker
  • Plans. Revue mensuelle. No. 9, Novembre 1931 (1931)
    French Title: Plans. Revue mensuelle. No. 9, Novembre 1931. Avec de nombreuses illustrations
  • Art. Monthly magazine for old and young art (1931)
    Dutch Title: Kunst . Maandblad voor oude en jonge kunst
  • Graphic arts and crafts. Special issue November 15, 1931, N. 26 (1931)
    French Title: Arts et métiers graphiques. Numéro spécial 15 Novembre 1931, N. 26
  • Paintings and sculptures by recent masters from two private collections in Berlin. Auction XVI - March 21, 1932. (1932)
    German Title: Gemälde und Plastiken neuerer Meister aus zwei Berliner Privatsammlungen. Versteigerung XVI - 21. März 1932.
  • People and Time, by Bln., Vorwärts (1932)
    German Title: Volk und Zeit
  • Magazine for the Friends of Insel-Verlag. 14th year. Second issue. Spring 1933, by the Island Ship (1933)
    German Title: eine Zeitschrift. Frühjahr 1933. Zeitschrift für die Freunde des Insel-Verlags. 14. Jahrgang. Zweites Heft.
  • Works Art 6: Masereel, Frem Forlag, Kobenhavn (1934)
    German Title: Arbejder Kunst 6: Masereel - Den store flamske Traeskerer og Tegner Frans Masereel er vor Tids egentlige Samfundsskildrer. Ikke bare i Formen er han moderne. Tegninger of Traesnit af Frans Masereel
  • Tales of Horace Van Offel, by Horace Van Offel (1935)
    French Title: Contes d'Horace Van Offel
  • Journal of the Gutenberg Book Guild Vienna. Born 1936, issues 1 - 12. (1936)
    German Title: Zeitschrift der Büchergilde Gutenberg Wien. Jahrgang 1936, Heft 1 - 12.
  • Les cahiers de la jeunesse 5 - December 1937 (1937)
    French Title: Les cahiers de la jeunesse 5 - Décembre 1937
  • Youth notebooks n ° 6, January 1938, by Various Authors (1938)
    French Title: Les cahiers de la jeunesse n° 6, janvier 1938
  • Homage to Eugène Dabit, by Gallimard Paris (1939)
    French Title: Hommage à Eugène Dabit
  • In Song and in Etching, a collection of poems and etchings, dedicated to work, taming the land and guard duty, by National Hashomer Hatza'ir Kibbutz (1939)
    Hebrew Title: BeShir uveKheret, kovetz leDivrey shira umaase kheret, mukdashim laavoda, kibush vehagana.
  • The Plays of William Shakespeare in Thirty-Seven Volumes (37 volume complet set), by William Shakespeare (1939)
  • Guild Almanac (1945)
    German Title: Gilden - Almanach 1945
  • March. A literary monthly. 1st year, issue 2, by Johanna Moosdorf (1947)
    German Title: März. Eine literarische Monatsschrift. 1. Jahrgang, Heft 2.


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